Axia Digital, like most companies, has been following government advice in relation to the uncertainty regarding the CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19.  We have been planning for several weeks, following the new advice last night from the Prime Minister, we have decided to move our team from working in our office environment to working from home.  This was put into effect this morning and hopefully, you will have found that if you have contacted us, it has been business as normal.

Our business continuity plan has been implemented which allows the business to continue in times such as these and has the full support of the company’s board.  The team have all been working as they normally do, only remotely.  We have a series of tools and processes that we use to manage our work and these are either virtual or easily virtualised.  Our aim is to maintain the levels of customer service we normally provide and aim to exceed it if we can.

Our suppliers are implementing similar plans and are keeping us up-to-date with their plans as they are implemented.  We do not anticipate any unplanned interruptions in the services we provide and we will continue to work on support issues and any development you have asked us to undertake or are in the process of asking us to undertake.

Simply put we expect business as usual.

While the news and information surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus continue to evolve, we are working diligently to stay informed and take all the necessary safeguards to ensure the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers.  As such, we are following the guidance of government authorities and world health professionals in ensuring our decisions are in line with their recommendations and that we are minimising any risk to our team.  We have suspended all non-essential business travel with immediate effect.

Initially, our phones will divert to an answer machine with messages being sent to the team immediately.  We will respond to voice calls as soon as possible.  Please continue to contact us in the normal ways that you have done previously.

Please continue to send support to

We hope that all our customers remain safe and look forward to working with you over the coming weeks.

Kind regards
Richard and Chris