Award Winning CPD Systems

Our Continuous Professional Development sites are at the forefront of innovative practice. Using thoughtful design, they actively encourage engagement from users. We measure the success of our sites by monitoring this engagement and analysing the benefits for the professional body.

Benefits for Members

  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • One CPD record meets multiple requirements
  • A novel way to help members plan their CPD
  • Enables members to quickly get to the sections they need to complete
  • Helps members to capture CPD when it naturally occurs in the workplace
  • Enables members to quickly see how much CPD activity they’ve undertaken
  • Provides skill accreditation

Personalised Competency Profiles

Our systems allow members to create their own competency profile. This is important in professions which embrace a wide range of skills. All of our sites are underlined with key design principles. The CPD record serves not only as evidence of commitment to Continuous Professional Development for both the professional body and the regulator, but also to showcase the development of skills which a member has been asked to focus on by their employer. Our systems are also able to target members with information and services that are relevant to their areas of professional interest.

Benefits for Professional Bodies

  • Enables the promotion of CPD activities through links to the professional body’s course and resources
  • Include a number of tools to support the auditing of members’ CPD activity
  • Encourages members to progress in their field


Comprehensive CPD and Membership Packages

Professional bodies are increasingly recognising the importance of enhancing the benefits that they offer to their members. Through integration between online CPD and membership systems, it’s possible for professional bodies to personalise what they offer to members. Recent research carried out by one of the professional bodies that we work with has confirmed that members welcome this targeted contact. A common example of targeted content on our sites are e-mails which inform members about events in their area, or that relate to their area of professional interest.

We’ve worked with multiple small professional bodies to produce this type of integrated system, including BAPO (the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists) and IIRT (Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy).

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Winner of The Bronze Award for Innovation

Bronze Learning Award

In 2015 the company received the Bronze Award for Innovation at the prestigious Learning Awards for our work to radically redesign CPDnow, the CPD website used by the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR).

The site was redesigned to better support the learning activity of members by providing easy access to all core functionality, new interactive learning pathways to help shape their CPD journey, and clear accreditation opportunities to help them progress within their profession. The redesign led to a fourfold increase in the number of members logging into CPDnow and a dramatic increase in the number of accreditation applications to the point where, for a number of months, SCoR struggled to cope with the volume of applications.

Bronze Learning Award

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