Digital Logs of Practice Experience

We work with a number of professional bodies who require members to produce a record of their practice experience in conjunction with any required examinations. This record typically includes evidence of meeting specific learning objectives or competencies, alongside a calculation of the actual time devoted to practical experience. Our solution offers digital logs which efficiently capture practice experience, meeting the requirements for recording practical achievements and competencies.

An Improvement on Traditional Logbooks

We specialise in creating digital logbooks that offer a modern and efficient alternative to traditional paper-based logs or forms. Our logs enable the digital recording of practice experience in any field while being customisable to meet the specific needs of organisations or professional bodies.

Our logs enable easy retrieval, analysis, and reporting of data, providing valuable insights leading to informed decision-making. By embracing our digital logs, organisations and professional bodies can streamline their data collection processes, enhance accuracy and consistency, and reduce administrative burden.

Benefits for Professional Bodies:

  • Increased engagement of work-based supervisors by clearly showing what is required of them
  • Reduced number of incomplete records by automatically checking if all evidence is present and alerting members to unfinished sections
  • Automatic calculation of the member’s hours, removing the need for them to be verified by the professional body
  • Encourages more members to improve their professional status by offering clear career pathways to other accreditations
  • Easily reflects the requirements of different employers without the need to print different versions of the standards (where required)

Logbooks in Different Areas of Business

We’ve experience creating digital logs for leading professional bodies of varying sizes, from a few hundred users to 600,000. Accounting institutions, educational bodies, and healthcare organisations all utilise our sites.

Our platform enables us to offer our customers complete flexibility. We ensure that organisations don’t need to change the way that they assess or record practice experience.

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Cost-effective and Sustainable

Along with the numerous other benefits, digital logs offer a more cost-effective solution for recording practice experience. By eliminating the need for paper and printing, organisations can experience significant cost reductions.

Physical logbooks incur printing costs estimated at around £20 per student, depending on the logbook’s contents. Additional expenses for verification, photocopying, and filing contribute to the overall cost burden. These are costs which accumulate yearly due to the recurring nature of paper-based logs.

In contrast, digital logs provide a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative, enabling organisations to allocate their resources more effectively. The financial savings derived from transitioning to digital logbooks can be substantial, benefiting both the organisation and its stakeholders.

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