We have been involved in the introduction of electronic assessment at three Universities (Southampton; Bournemouth and Surrey) and all our sites have successfully moved from pilot to full scale implementation. All the projects like the sites themselves have been very different and we have gained a real insight into how to manage the transition from paper to electronic portfolios that we are happy to share with those who are considering making this transition.

We are therefore holding a series of workshops across the country where we will share our knowledge and experience. They will be held over a lunchtime (12 noon to 14.00) and designed to allow the maximum amount of time for discussion and questions. It will not be a sales presentation although inevitably we will talk about our NOW.net platform but only in relation to how it has been used.

The workshops will be held on the following dates and venues;

  • Tuesday 29th November; Aberdare Hall, Cardiff University
  • Wednesday 30th November; The Athenaeum. Bury St. Edmunds
  • Thursday 1st December; The Executive Suite, Oxford Brookes University

Lunch will be provided, the event is FREE and there are no restrictions on the numbers attending from each University. If you want to book a place(s) please contact our Customer Services Director Chris Peat by email chris@axia.email or phone him on 07771 996620. He will then confirm your place and send you more details about the event.