Extending myCAD to MTU

In February, we delightedly announced an expansion of our myCAD programme. We initially implemented the programme for Atlantic Technological University (ATU), primarily for their campus based in Letterkenny, Donegal. However, we have now also rolled this out to Munster Technological University (MTU) f0r their main campus, situated in Cork.


A Little About ATU & MTU

ATU is located mainly in Western and Northwestern Ireland. It was established in 2022 as part of a merger of three existing technological institutions. Along with the Letterkenny campus, there are six other campus sites in Ireland including Galway, Sligo, and the town of Castlebar in County Mayo.

MTU also has six campus locations throughout the counties of Cork and Kerry. This university was established in 2021 as part of a merger between the Cork Institute of Technology and the Tralee Institute of Technology. It is estimated to accommodate over 18,000 students as well as over 2,000 staff.


What is myCAD?

The myCAD programme is the first digital version of the National Competency Assessment Document (NCAD), and the first to be implemented on Irish soil. Within the online assessment, universities can keep track of information such as a student’s placement and attendance.

In April 2023, Axia, along with the Department of Nursing at the ATU Donegal campus and the HSE received an award for the Best Industry / Business Academic Collaboration for our work implementing the system. An article about the award can be found here.


Summary of Changes Made

We wanted to simplify things for preceptors at both universities. To do this, we built a centralised sign in tool. This allows preceptors who already have an account to access either site using just one logon. Doing this removes the need for preceptors to have separate accounts for each institution.