Members of the Society and College of Radiographers are enjoying the fact that they are able to download an Android version of CPD Now from the Google Play Store and the iPhone version is now available in the Apple App Store.


sor_ios                sor_android


This means that members will be able to create and update CPD plans and records even when they are offline. As soon as they are back online whatever changes they have made to their CPD Plans and Records will be automatically synchronised with their online record.

The Android version of the Application has been available for a few weeks and already over 200 members have signed up to use it. We expect a similar demand for the Apple version.

Crucially the way we have developed the application and the changes that we have made to our core platform means that it is possible to create online/offline applications for each of our sites.  We are therefore able maintain our offer to existing and new customers that their sites are handcrafted to their specific requirements. You do not need to change what you do, to fit in with the way our online/offline application works.