Now Trading as Axia Digital Ltd.

After over a decade as Axia Digital, the company officially changed its legal trading name from Citizen Connect Ltd to Axia Digital Ltd.

Founded in 1997 as Citizen Connect Ltd, the company adopted the name “Axia” after being acquired by Axia Netmedia Corp. Despite taking on the “Axia” name, the company continued trading as Citizen Connect. This lead to confusion in the past. Now officially registered as Axia Digital Ltd, company number 03464607.


What This Means for Customers

It’s important to note that this change preserves our trading history. All of our contracts as the “registered trading company” have not changed. Furthermore, the company has updated its business bank account names to reflect the name change. All account numbers remain the same.

For customers, there is no other change. The company remains the same legal entity, the team remains the same and we’ll continue to support our customers to the very best of our ability.

Axia’s Managing Director, Richard Etheridge, commented:

“I’m delighted to say that, when talking to new clients, I’ll no longer have to explain why Citizen Connect Ltd trades as Axia Digital. It makes so much sense to have the name of the legal entity the same name by which everyone knows us. We also hope it makes everything simpler in all parts of the business and for our clients”


Resolving Confusion over Company Identity

Having operated as Axia Digital for years, aligning the legal trading name with the company’s well-established brand resolves any confusion which arose from the disparity between the two names. This change brings clarity and consistency to the company’s identity. We hope that this long-awaited change will make things much simpler for both the company and our customers.

For more details on Axia’s company history, visit our about page.