Hear from the Team Behind MyCAD

The team behind the implementation of the first digital version of the National Competency Assessment Document (NCAD) for nurses in Ireland will be telling their story at an online event on May 11th between 11:00 and 13:00.

The MyCAD website was a collaborative project involving Axia Digital, HSE, and Atlantic Technological University‘s Department of Nursing. The site has been adopted and embraced by all those involved assessing students in hospitals and community settings and mirrors the paper NCAD document.


About the Event

The main purpose of the event will be to allow delegates to hear directly from the team about how their initial concerns and doubts on whether a digital solution would work (especially in the dispersed communities around Letterkenny) were allayed by the discovery of the benefits that an online solution can bring. The event will also feature Professor Thomas Kearns, Consultant and Co-Director WHO Collaborating Centre, who was one of the first to recognise the impact that digital solutions could have on the education and professional development of nurses. He has been a persuasive advocate of E-portfolios for many years.

The event’s Chair is Dr. Louise McBride, who is the current President of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, as well as being the Head of the Department of Nursing and Healthcare at ATU. It was Louise who saw the potential of adopting a digital approach to the practice assessment of nurses following her attendance at the RCSI’s annual conference. At the conference, a presentation was made by Bournemouth University of their OPALBU E-portfolio, which was being used by nurses and those that supported them.

Delegates will be shown MyCAD and receive reassurance about the measures which have been taken to ensure that the site is secure. They’ll also learn about how scalable the site is if other institutions in Ireland decided to adopt it.


  • 11.00 — Welcome by Dr. Louise McBride Head of Department of Nursing and Healthcare, Atlantic Technological University
  • 11.10 — Professor Thomas Kearns Consultant and Co-Director WHO Collaborating Centre ‘Some reflections on the importance and benefits of those involved in the education and professional development on adopting digital solutions.’
  • 11.20 — Mr Chris Peat Chair of Axia Digital (Ireland) will speak on ‘How the legitimate and important concerns about adopting a digital approach can be addressed and resolved
  • 11.35 — Presentation of the digital version of the National Competency Assessment Document on the MyCad.ie site. This will include looking at the reports that are available
  • 11.50 — An opportunity to respond to questions raised during the presentations using Chat, chaired by Dr. Louise McBride
  • 12:00-12.30 — The User experience, an opportunity to hear from students, CPCs and Tutors who use MyCad.ie (This will include a presentation of a video which captures the user experience and the opportunity to then question those that were involved in the creation of the video. Following the event this video will be available to share with other colleagues.)
  • 12.30 — Concluding remarks and opportunity to ask further questions


Recording of the Event