Networking for Education in Healthcare

The NET conference draws together nurses from across the world and we are delighted to again be exhibiting at the event.

We have had the opportunity to speak to delegates from Universities in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK and it is apparent there is a growing interest in the online assessment of professional practice. It is therefore great that we have been able to talk about the successful introduction of our online system at the Universities of Southampton, Bournemouth and Surrey. Delegates have been impressed by the way we have managed to reflect the particular approach to practice assessment at each University.

A number of the delegates have discussed their concerns with respect to an online system. They have expressed concerns about signatures and they have been reassured that every decision in the portfolio is date stamped and linked back to a specific user name and password, arguably making it more secure than paper. Some delegates have wondered about whether they will need to supply their students with devices and have pleased to hear that this was not required at any of the Universities we work with. Others have wondered about the challenges of Hospital firewalls and pleased to hear that this has always been overcome.