What is NOW.net?

NOW.net is the name of our core platform, onto which we deploy all the sites we build. Our team developed NOW.net to enable us to create sites quickly and cost-effectively, expanding our reach to a broader customer base and streamlining our development process. Although all of our sites are built on this same platform, each one is unique and built to cater to the needs of each individual customer.


Flexibility and Configurability

The configurability of NOW.net enables us to reflect the assessment methodology of each organisation we work with. As a result, organisations don’t need to alter their assessment methods.

Reoccurring assessment tasks and processes across different sites that we create mean that we don’t always need to start every project from the ground up. Instead, we use similar, previously built sites as a starting point to create new sites. This greatly speeds up development, allowing us to produce sites more efficiently.

Similarly, we actively embrace the advantages of using assessment documents adopted by multiple organisations. Recently, we adapted our University sites supporting the practice assessment of Nurses to align with the newly introduced pan area assessment documents, responding to the updated national Nursing standards.

We’re also able to control access and permissions based on individuals’ roles or groups, ensuring appropriate visibility and interaction.

What Our Platform Can Do

We produce systems that fit any type of qualification or accreditation, including those for CPD, E-assessment, Digital Logs, and Skills Passports. We've produced websites for a range of organisations, associations, and professional bodies, including a number of health services and universities both within and outside of the UK.

  • Continuous Profesisonal Development

  • E-assessment of Professional and Vocational Skills

  • Digital Logs of Practice Experience

  • Skills Passports for Recording Transferable Skills

27 years of experience

Fully flexible systems

1.3m Users worldwide

Our Customers

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Got a Question?

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