The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

We started working with ACCA in 2015 when we won a tender to update their current in-house logbook, which is used by students to capture their practical experience as they achieve full membership.

We developed the MyACCA website, which is now used by over one million students.

ACCA dashboard

My ACCA dashboard

Not only is this our largest site, but it’s also one which pushed the boundaries of our core platform. The project involved importing the logbooks from their existing system and migrating to a new competence framework, requiring the mapping of both competence and time from the old system to the new. We were also asked to implement their vision of SOA, which we were proud to say we achieved with services pushing and pulling data as required between the online tools the ACCA deploys, each tool mastering it’s own specialist data but securely sharing across the ACCA online tools.

Below is a video detailing the Practical Experience Requirement (PER) by ACCA.

You can find out more about the PER tool and requirements here.