Our Partnership with RPS

Our work with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) is an example of a full partnership. We provide their E-portfolio which comes as part of their membership services. The E-portfolio was developed to help members with Revalidation, Foundation Training and Credentialing.

Designed as a lifelong learning portfolio, it enables members to:

  • Record evidence of practice as they progress through their career
  • Identify areas of strengths, as well as gaps in their knowledge or skills
  • Assess their practice against relevant frameworks and curricula
  • Focus and plan their personal and professional development

The RPS E-portfolio contains several pathways to support members’ professional development. It prepares them for assessment and credentialing regardless of where they are in their career.

RPS programmes page

E-portfolio programmes page


Collaborative Work for NHS England

Axia Digital and Royal Pharmaceutical Society worked together to deliver the Trainee Pharmacist Foundation Year E-portfolio for NHS England. It allows trainee pharmacists to capture their foundation year experience using a series of online tools.

There are a series of webinars available on the RPS website demonstrating how to use the E-portfolio.


The Customer’s Point of View

Calvin Smith, Head of Business Development at RPS said:

“We’ve been working with Axia for the past 2 years to develop a new suite of e-portfolio programmes for pharmacists’ post-graduate education, and we couldn’t be happier with their work in that time. Far too often we’ve thrown under-defined requirements and difficult timelines at the team, and they have never failed to steer us in the right direction to create user-friendly solutions that fully deliver on our requirements – on time and within budget. Their extensive experience and technical capability means that they’ve been able to work collaboratively with us to add significant value to our education offering and vastly improve on our initial plans. They’ve helped us to build an industry-leading platform which is an immeasurable step up from the systems that we used to have in place.

Not only has this improved the overall value proposition of our core offering (membership), but it has also helped us generate direct revenue through third party commissions to create innovative new features and programmes within our portfolio environment for use by their learners. This success has led to the adoption of our platform by governmental health education commissioning bodies for a variety of national training programmes across the UK, spanning different career stages for pharmacists.

They’re always cheerful and easy to work with, and they’re totally focused on delivering long term value for their customers – we can’t deliver on our goals without them!”