University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire

In March 2022, Axia Digital was contracted by the UHCW Innovation Hub to deliver the Microsurgery Skills App and an online tool to support the development of Micro Surgeons using video evidence.

The app was based on our skills passport work, but also included E-portfolio components from some of our other solutions. It was the start of making the capability framework the heart of the users journey, while being supported by evidence rather than simple mentor approval of capabilities.

The simplicity of the Critical Skills Care Passport solutions are enticing and they were right for meeting the demands on staff during the “surge”. The natural next step was to link this with a more traditional evidence based E-portfolio.

The Skills Passport we developed for UHCW NHS Trust is a platform for virtual microsurgery training. Traditionally, there had been an apprenticeship model for training in this area with variable skill acquisition. Microsurgery training was badly affected by Covid-19, as there was limited opportunity for training to take place. This website is divided into a number of modules and validates simulated training, facilitating microsurgery skills development.

UHCW micro surgery pathway

Micro Surgery Pathway page