Tissue Viability Leading Change Capability Framework Online

In 2020 Axia Digital was asked to develop a site to help develop specialist skills for wound care. We developed the Tissue Viability Leading Change (TVLC) Capability Framework Online E-portfolio. Funded by Urgo Medical, the portfolio is free of charge for healthcare professionals and is designed to help them develop their skills with tissue care.

Urgo Medical dashboard

TVLC Capability Framework Online dashboard

The TVLC E-portfolio was first launched in 2016 with the aim of providing a framework to assist healthcare practitioners, tissue viability nurses, and those aspiring to work in tissue viability to understand the skills and knowledge required in this specialist area of care across the UK.

In 2021 the National Wound Care Strategy programme published the Core Capabilities Framework for England designed to complement existing documents, including TVLC. TVLC serves as a guide to build and shape services and support personal development. It is recognised that each clinical area will be slightly different and may require different capabilities. To cater to this, there is space within each capability to write specific expectations.