On Monday 11th January we were approached by the London Transformation and Learning Collaborative to develop a Skills Passport for staff working in Intensive Care Units working in London. This morning just two weeks later the tool has been made live to those staff. Jane Fish, the project manager explains the purpose of the project.

‘This work led by Clare Leon Villapalos, (Imperial College Health Care Trust) in partnership with stakeholders across London, on the CC Skills Passport for RSC and NRSS roles will make an important contribution to preparing and supporting staff redeployed during surge to ICU and Covid clinical areas.

Our thanks to Axia Digital for the pace at which they worked to move the passport to a digital platform and to the many stakeholders who tested the passport.’

Providing the Skills Passport on a digital platform will enhance its accessibility for both Registered Support Clinician (RSC) and Non Registered Support Staff (NRSS) users as well as for the staff working in the environments where staff members have been redeployed.’

This project was commissioned during one of the busiest months for the company, however, we saw that there was an urgent requirement, and we knew that our technology was created to respond to this sort of challenge. Richard Etheridge our Technical and Operations Director comments,

‘The team grasped with both hands the opportunity to demonstrate the capability of our core platform to develop user-friendly and robust sites at pace. We were also able to use the knowledge gained from developing Skills Passports for other Health workers. There is growing interest in our capability to provide solutions that help new skills be quickly developed and recognised.’