Working with The College of Radiographers

Axia Digital and the College of Radiographers (CoR) have been working together successfully since 2004 to support the continuous professional development of their members. We’re proud of our long association with the college and the online CPD planning, recording and evaluation system which we developed for them: CPD Now. This site is available to all members of the Society of Radiographers.

Our Managing Director Richard Etheridge said:

“The College of Radiographers have been trailblazing the development of online CPD since 2004. It has been a pleasure to work with the team, old and new, we have learnt a lot from them. We are pleased to celebrate the success of our longest standing e-portfolio. Working with the College has helped us to improve our core platform and led to other work around the world, including the Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy and the New Zealand Institute of Medical Radiation Technology. It has also informed the development of our site for the Centre of Advancing Practice. The Centre plays a key role in enabling Health Care Professionals in a wide range of areas to have their skills and knowledge recognised.”


About CPD Now

CPD Now is a user-friendly e-portfolio website which enables the college’s members to set up and maintain a fully comprehensive record of their ongoing CPD. This ensures that they meet all requirements for the bi-annual CPD Audit of Radiographers, carried out by The Health and Care Professions Council. Those working as Assistant Practitioners, Mammography Associates, Practice Educators, Advanced or Consultant Practitioners can also use CPD Now to apply for individual accreditation with the College of Radiographers through the College’s portfolio of CoR Accreditation Schemes.


How it Works

Adding and Managing Continuous Professional Development records:

Members access the website from the members’ area to record their CPD activities by completing a reflection of their learning. Members simply click on the “Add CPD” button to start recording CPD. They have the option use a reflective model to assist them with this. Reflection resources are available in a “Resources” tab on the left hand tool bar. Members can also follow the further guidance tabs on each page which guide them through the process and provide help, tips and links to the HCPC regarding their requirements for the CPD Audit.

The CPD section organises a member’s CPD activities under tabs for each year. All users automatically gain access to the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) Professional Outcomes when entering CPD activity. Clicking the ‘Evidence outcomes’ allows members to embed relevant outcomes throughout the document.

The website measures progress immediately by identifying the number of entered CPD activities and the achieved evidence outcomes. Members can use the ‘Actions’ tabs to navigate through various functions. These include editing their CPD records, inviting reviewers, viewing review status, viewing and editing linked outcomes, and viewing attachments. They can also print and delete their records.

SCoR CPD Now dashboard

CPD Now dashboard

After completing their reflections and linking outcomes, members are directed to a page where they can add any relevant attachments to their CPD record, such as certificates, handouts, or presentations. To view a list of the SCoR Professional Outcomes and to see how many of their CPD records hold a reference to each outcome, members can click on the “Outcomes Evidence Matrix” within the CPD Progress box on the home page.

Applying for Practitioner Accreditation:

If SoR members apply for practitioner accreditation, members of the College’s Professional & Education Team, the Approval and Accreditation Board, and their assessors will have access to the information that the member provides so that they can process their application. The CoR also offers CPD Now endorsement for non-credit bearing study days and CPD events. Applications are submitted via an online portal Axia Digital has developed as part of the College’s CPD Now offering.

Viewing CPD Activities:

By clicking “View my report” members can view a chronological list of all their CPD activities from two years prior to the date selected, which they can print from their browser. This report meets all necessary requirements for CPD Audits and can be submitted to the HCPC. If members are at practitioner level or above, they can link the SCoR Professional Outcomes to their CPD records. When members start an accreditation application and subsequently revisit the CPD section, they will also see their relevant Practice Level Outcomes. They can then link these to their CPD records to support their accreditation application. Once a manager signs off the application, the member can submit it to CoR for accreditation.

SCoR CPD Now accreditations page

CPD Now accreditations page

Latest Updates

Axia Digital is committed to updating platforms to meet the evolving needs of our customers. In 2021 we released some significant updates to CPD Now, following consultation with the team at CoR. These included developing a more simplified version of the CPD form and enabling users to link evidence to the CoR Outcomes and the Accreditation of Practice. Users also have the ability to add peer sign off evidence.

Currently, we’re developing individual Accreditation Schemes as part of the platform. Recently, we revised the Assistant Practitioner and Mammography Associate Schemes, as well as the Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme. These are now up and running and accepting applications. We’re also nearing completion of the remaining Accreditation Schemes which will soon enable members to apply for accreditation as Advanced and Consultant Practitioners.

Later in 2023 we’ll be working on updating the tools for reporting from the system to support the work of the Approval and Accreditation Board at the College.


The Customer’s Perspective

“CPD Now enables users to record and plan their CPD, to demonstrate that they are undertaking CPD appropriate to their scope and level of practice – whether clinical, educational, managerial or in research. By linking the CPD element of the platform to the individual accreditation schemes, members can maximise their CPD, using it as supporting evidence to gain professional body recognition that they are meeting the professional body’s standards in relation to their role and level of practice, and maintaining this through re-accreditation with the CoR.”

– College of Radiographers


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